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We at Wangsa Kopi believe that we are part of only a handful of coffee exporters who not only have a professional relationship with our coffee farmers, but that these relationships go far beyond the traditional farmer and coffee buyer connection.  Our sourcing, processing and exporting is very much a family affair; we know our farmers by name, and we are often found conversing about daily lives and issues over countless cups of coffee. 


This is mainly due to our particularly remote location over 70 km from Takgenon, in Aceh and the small number of farmers involved. While the farms may be remote, the exceptional coffee produced is worth every minute of travel.  Most farmers are planting areas above 1500masl. Due to its remoteness, much of the traditional support for the coffee industry has bypassed this particular area. Coffee from these farmers has for many years been collected using the normal collector process; however, due to distance, incredibly rough roads and inconsistent collection days, has resulted a product that has been sold at significantly lower prices than those in the main coffee growing areas.  Traditionally middlemen, collectors, collect the coffee and on sell the coffee onto the processors. Most of our coffees are sourced directly from the farmer, with only a small percentage, depending on customer need, will be purchased through collectors.

Wangsa Kopi therefore, recognized an opportunity in supporting these farmers to share the benefits and ensure farmers are properly compensated for their crop.  After several meetings with the farmers in the Geggaran area,   it was decided to purchase land amongst the farming community, construct a small pulping  facility, thus giving the farmers the choice of direct sales of coffee cherry or parchment direct to the processing facility, resulting in an instant increase of return on their coffee.


Our facility is located in the highlands at about 1500masl and located in between mountain streams. All of our coffee pulp is returned to farmers for fertiliser and the waste water is treated before entering the groundwater. 

Our farming partners are excited to share their unique coffee beans with the rest of the world.  Our aim of course is not only to be able to offer a great coffee which is of a limited supply, but to be able to support and encourage our farmers and their families with some of the best possible returns for a coffee farmer.



We can provide a range of green bean varieties sourced from Bener Meriah, Aceh Tengah and Gayo Leus. Our coffees are Geographical indication (GI) certified through as originating from the “Gayo”region, the borders the Leuser National Park.

Our coffee processing facility in Pante Raya is equipped with only the best equipment and over 3 ha of covered drying floors. We have a dedicated drying facility to produce the high quality natural and honey processed coffee. For our honey coffees, our Penagos pulper does not require any water to damage the fruit, and manage the pulping process to enable us to produce yellow, red and dark honey coffees.  

We are partnering with innovative and creative coffee processors and roasters from throughout Indonesia to produce their own green bean products whether it be fermented, semi washed, wet hulled, dry hulled, natural or honey that we hope you will enjoy, as part of our curative range of products. 

Our roasting facility in Medan has been designed to ensure we maintain the quality of our products, bringing out the distinct flavours and attributes that we have identified while processing our farmers coffee cherry. 

Lastly, due to the close proximity of Leuser National Park, farmers who understand the consequence of indiscriminate land clearing want to be part real conservation.  Wangsa Koffee gayo feels it has a unique opportunity in supporting 1) sustainable income for the farmers,2) being able to focus attention, and greater awareness on this beautiful location and the Leuser National Park.

CHECK OUT OUR COFFEE STORY – our passion is working with the coffee farmers and roasters of Indonesia, giving you the opportunity to taste the best quality coffee, Indonesia has to offer.

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